29 January, 2012

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How To Hide EMail Address From Spammer On Your Website

How do you show contact information on your About or Contact Me page of your website?
If you are displaying your email address in plain text, you must be getting too many spam mails. To avoid your email from being fetched by robots, you should protect it behind the Google reCAPTCHA which is easy to install for bloggers and straight for humans to solve and view your mail ID.

When you put email address in standard format, that include @ symbol,  the email address is captured by spam robots from web page which is then used by spammers for marketing and promotion.

Here are some ways to hide your email address from spam robots::

Using descriptive text:

Most email search robots find and track for standard email address format which is exact like

some.name@service.com  or pet12@service.co.cc 

You can replace this format or your email address other way which can be only revealed by humans like 


Using image:

This way the email spam robots will not find your email address.

But here is a more better way for Bloggers which give you complete protection from all robots and spams.

Use of reCAPTCHA:

Every Internet user must have come across CAPTCHA for various log in services. CAPTCHA is a simple words or numbers in image format that you have to solve and enter the correct words, which get give you the authority.

If you have a blog you can also use CAPTCHA on your contact page to hide your email address. The service described here is provided by Google and so 100% secure.

Here are simple 3 steps:
  • Visit Google reCAPTCHA site
  • Enter your email address which you want to use for contact and press Protect It! button. 
  • You will be given two options to embed the code in your web page. One is simple URL and other is HTML code.
  • If you want to put just simple URL code, just copy the complete URL code and link it with the anchor text on your page. When someone click on the anchor text, he will be directed to the CAPTCHA window, after solving which the email address will be displayed.
  • Other way you can also use HTML code to embed in your blog widget and you can fully customize it with parameters like title, height, width, and primary address to display etc.
  • You can edit the HTML code to match your formatting. 
Its so simple and easy to use. Use it and protect your email now.
What method do you use to hide your email address? 
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