24 January, 2012

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View Internet Browsing And Windows History In Detail

Whatever you brows over Internet using any of the popular browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet explorer, all the activity details like visited websites, downloads, images, search terms are saved in history of that browser.
Not only online activity but the offline activity of Windows OS of your computer like last opened files, saved files, system activities, system error log, windows start-up and shut down times, programmes used and many other things are saved in the history.
But its not that easy to see all this history of your browsing activity or offline windows OS activity in well categorized manner. Checking of history helps you to find your browser use and windows activity. You can view all this history to know if your computer is used in your absence and the pattern of use. 

History Viewer
History Viewer is a simple, lite and free application that can view all this history in simple and categorized manner so anyone can easily understand it.
History Viewer can find out below traces on your computer, even the traces before History Viewer is installed.

Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome
  • Address Bar
  • Top Visited Sites
  • Keyword Searched 
  • URL History 
  • Cookies 
  • Downloads 
  • Input History
  • From History
  • Index.dat file
  • Recent Documents
  • Search History
  • Run History
  • Open/Save History
  • List Visited History
  • USB Storage History

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