17 January, 2012

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Use WebCam as Motion Detection Camera and Start Auto Recording

You can use your web-camera as an auto motion detecting surveillance system. All that for free.
Use WebCam as Motion Detection Camera and Start Auto Recording
ContaCam is a free surveillance software that can turn the webcam into a motion detection camera with automatic logging and custom alert options.
  • ContaCam can monitor the area within the camera view and automatically record whenever it detects any motion. Recorded video can be saved in AVI or Flash format.
  • The video then can be sent to email or FTP server automatically. 
  • You can also choose to capture still images at regular predefined intervals. 
  • ContaCam can also be used as the video recorder for 24-hour recording, schedule recording. 
  • It supports customizable detection zones, snapshot editing, video settings, detection scheduling, network streaming, audio recording, and more. 
  • It is free, lite and easy to use. It runs on Windows.
You can download it HERE.

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