15 January, 2012

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Auto Capture Images From WebCam

Do you want to automate your webcam? You can capture images of a streaming web cam feed at your predefined intervals.
       WebCamImageSave is a simple webcam capture tool which automatically capture and save still images from your webcam every few minutes or hours. You can customize the image quality settings and text label with the date and time of the capture.
        Is has supports support for command-line with options that let you capture a single camera image without displaying the interface.

 Its a very small [just 50 KB] and free utility. It works on Windows.

You can download free form Homepage here.

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  1. I am currently working an a project in which I need a free program to make my webcam automatically take a photo for a given interval. problem is that usually the program is built to support the spy webcam- so the captured image can only be saved to a FTP or http. And I need to compile the pictures and make a stop motion out of it.