07 January, 2012

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Get Old Versions of Your Favorite Softwares

Everyday the software are updated. Everyday major updates are released. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are racing for the version numbers. The 10 decimal version numbers are out of my understanding what updated and for what reasons they are there.
In such situation I really love some great software not the new one but the Old Versions. Here to mention are Adobe Photoshop 7, Winamp 5.0, Nero 6 and many more. I would really like to use these old software for some reasons even though new version released everywhere.
But the problem comes when you want to get the old versions of software on Internet, but most of the Software hosting sites like Filehippo.com, Snapfiles.com and also the home websites of software developers don't have any access to try for old versions of any software.

Don't worry. OldVersions is the best source of almost all popular software in their old versions because newer is not always better as the site says. You can download all these software for free and use.
Software are categorized like File Sharing, Communication, Graphics, Utilities, Internet, Multimedia, Office, Security, Drivers, Development and Networking and many more. So its time to go back to old version this Sunday. It has software for Windows, Mac, Linux and Games.
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