06 January, 2012

by Updated on 06 January, 2012

How To Recover Deleted Files From Formatted Drive

Software that recovers everything important to you, if you have accidentally deleted it. The great feature i have to mention here is its ability to recover even from a formatted hard disk or memory card.
Many paid and freeware versions are available but this Free software is better than any paid one.

If you want a software that has great interface, do the best tasks and free also very lite on system resources. Its also very fast to install and to use the answer is Recuva. Its a Must-Have software.
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Free software to recover deleted files in Windows.

  • Recover files on Hard Disk, USB drive, Camera memory, iPod or any other portable device.
  • Recover files from damaged or even form formatted memory disk.
  • It can recover deleted emails form email clients like MS Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • It can restore unsaved Word documents if your system got crashed before you save a document.
  • Quick-Start Wizard is a better option available to get your file back with a guided support to recover.
  • Deep Scan is a plan B, if you don't find your desired file on first scan you can use this option to deep scan your memory device.
  • You don't have to use separate software to delete or wipe your memory device securely. It can delete files you want forever
It is also available in Portable version Download Recova
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