26 January, 2012

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Must Have Softwares For Laptop Or Netbook

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Laptops or Netbooks are everywhere nowadays and everyone is now shifting from traditional desktop PCs to portable, light weight laptops. They are convenient to carry and become a good campaigner for travelers. But this portability comes with compromised hardware costs like smaller keyboard,  non comfortable touchpad, smaller battery life.
All these softwares are for laptop running Windows OS.

But you can now make your laptop as useful as a desktop PC by emanating the drawbacks of it by using some of the must have software for your laptop.


programs for laptops

When it comes to using a laptop, touchpad is the first annoyance everyone's face. While working accidental touch to touchpad moves your cursor to anywhere you don't want. It may also close a working window. If you are watching a movie this may happen. Also when you are typing your documents, the position of TouchPad creates problem and your hand touches it. TouchFreeze is a software that lock your touchpad for a predefined time.

Download TouchFreeze



One more tool for TouchPad. It allows you to set the sensitivity or speed of TouchPad as per your need. You can also set the mouse sensitivity.
programs for netbooks
AutoSensitivity requires .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0.

Download AutoSensitivity


Unlock the power of your touchpad with TwoFingerScroll. It enables multi-touch to your touchpad though not exactly the way in is or Android but using this you can scroll up and down by using two fingers and much more you can do with this.

programs for netbooks
Whether or not these features will work for you depends on your touchpad.

Download Two Finger Scroll


First time laptop users may find a problem with the small size of a laptop keyboard. Also this keyboard has very small keys and many duplicates keys are removed. Also every laptop has a different set of function keys depending upon laptop manufacture.
If you want to put some of your unused keys to good use, SharpKeys will do that. It allows you to set your keys by tweaking the registry. You can also disable some keys you want just like freezing of your touchpad.

programs for netbooks

 Download SharpKeys


This is an emergency kit. If you are running out of battery, your laptop is of no any use. Aerofoil will automatically optimize power consumption of your laptop once you disconnect from A/C power. It disables power consuming Windows features like Aero Glass, muting the sound, or switching to a different Windows power plan. Aerofoil claims that it can extend your battery life by up to 25%.

 Download Aerofoil


Pray is a great tool to find your stolen laptop. It is an insurance for your laptop. Get it. More about prey is already posted

Download Prey

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