17 December, 2011

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Edit Right-Click Context Menu In Windows

Right-Click menu in Windows OS is shortcut to the most useful functions. The context menu options keep changing as per the software you are using. But things start getting complicated when you install many software. Every software install its own Right-Click menu shortcut without asking you to do so.
So how will you clean edit the clutter and use your Right-Click menu for productivity.
There are some handy tools you must use to clear this.

Context Menu Editor: (Free File Size 736 Kb)
Context Menu Editor allows you to remove unwanted items from the right-click menu.l Its very simplified and categorized like files, folders and Internet Explorer. Really simple tool. download

ShellMenuView : (Free File Size 37 Kb)
It allows you to disable unwanted Windows Explorer shell menu items that are shown in the right-click options for folders and files. The program produces a list of all available items that you can sort by menu name, extension, product name and other details, or you can search for a specific-item by keyword. download

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