15 December, 2011

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Best Apps for Java Mobile

These are the day's Super-Smart mobiles. But still, there is a beauty of basic apps for your basic old phones. Some peoples, still use the basic feature phone.

What makes the smartphone different from feature phone is its huge apps. But what, if you get the best of Apps on your feature phone? Here I have compiled the list of Best Java Apps you must have on your feature phone. Have a look. I will keep this list updating, so keep track.

A. Web Browsers:

1. Opera Mini

Everyone knows the Opera Mini and doesn't need my explanation. The Best mobile browser for any phone. Download the appropriate version as per your mobile model from this link. Download

2. UC Web

This one is also a great browser and Super Fast. You will really like its speed and great Shortcut Keys, copy-Paste function. It also has many blockbuster features you can't find on Opera. Download

3. Bolt

This is also a great browser. Have many unique features like split-screen view, RSS reader, HTTPS support. Download

B. Other Utilities:

1. Oxford English-English General dictionary

A must-have application for all. This is a free English-English dictionary. Download

2. Unit Converter

Again a must-have application for all. Great Iconic interface and Free. Download

3. MIDP Sys info

This is a software that will tell you the hardware configuration of your mobile just like your PC. Great. Download

4 News Hunt

Every Indian Must have it. Read all newspapers in all regional languages and all, though your mobile doesn't support that language font. download

5. MText Reader

A text file reader. A simple version of EBook Reader. You can use it as like that. Copy any Text file in your mobile and read it on the go. AUTO Scroll, Font size and color functionality available. Download

6. Facebook for Mobile

Addicted to Facebook? Don't have a smart app like Smartphone? Don't worry. Here is more than a smart Facebook app for feature phones. It is must-have for all. Download

6. Upvise

Your Notes, Tasks, To-Do list, Contacts, Ideas, Shopping list, Expense manager and all at one place. The great interface just like an iPhone. Superb looks. Feature-rich. You will love it. It auto-sync with the server and takes the back-up of all your saved data in real-time. You can view all our data from PC also by logging in to the site. Here is Link

7. My Notes

Your Notes, A simple text editor with touchscreen support, save, edit, text files on your phone with font size setting. Good note keeper for your phone. Download.

8. Ebuddy – Instant Messenger

If you do chat on your PC, then this app should help you while you are on the move. It connects with Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Myspace, and AIM. To download go to get.ebuddy.com on your mobile

9. Mobile Witch – Mobile PC Remote Control

This app lets you use your Mobile Phone as remote control of your PC. You can Control PowerPoint, Winamp, Windows Media Players, Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., Run Commands, Send Message, Control Mouse Cursor and more.

Download Mobile witch on our PC from here, It consists of two files, one for installation on PC and the other is the JAR file for installation on Mobile. After Installation, Start PC App First and then establish the connection.

10. Google Maps

Never feel like being lost when you go to a new place. Always keep Google Maps to locate yourself and Plan your Journey. This app is Published by Google. The Design is Awesome and very easy to use. To Download m.google.com on your phone and click “Maps”

11. Wattpad – (a community-based book share)

Read Unlimited stories written by various authors and become an author If you are interested. This app is perfect for those who are interested in reading all kinds of stories and Novels. To download Goto m.wattpad.com on your mobile

C. Ebook Reader:

1. Albite Reader

This is my favorite ebook reader for Java mobile. You get hundreds of book reader apps for Android and iOS, the important here is the basic Java phone. This can read ePub format. Support all graphics formats supported by your phone. Have font size adjustment, library management, touch support, color theme support. It is a great reading experience for your Basic phone. Download the app and also many free books HERE

D. 100+ Free Games

You can download a zip file of 100+ free java-based games. Try all.

What else do you want on your mobile? Do you have an app to share? Please comment.
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