13 April, 2011

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Google Indic Input Tool For Typing In Indian Lanuages Like Marathi And Hindi

Google Indic Input Tools are the most useful piece of software available for typing in Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi and other regional languages. But unfortunately, the project is discontinued. Though not completely, the Windows versions is completely offline and not actively developed. The Indic input Keyboard for Android is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play store.

The English to Marathi converter feature is useful if you already know the regular English Qwerty keyboard and want to type in Marathi. The keyboard will convert your English script into Marathi and take care of all the conversions.
If you are fluent with the old Remington Marathi typing machine, you can reuse your skill to type in Marathi directly.

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Devanagari typing on Windwos 10
Google Indic Input for Windows allows you to save your custom dictionary of Marathi words so that you can type complex Marathi words very easily.

We have listed three Marathi-typing keyboards that can convert your English qwerty keyboard typing into Marathi. They all have their pros and cons.

1. Sarasvati Phonetic keyboard layout.
2. Google Indic Input tools
3. Gadre Phonetic Marathi - Devanagari Keyboard Layout Driver

What is the difference between all the three tools?
The input settings for all three are different. You may like one and dislike the other for any reason.  It's the only difference in taste.

All three tools are not actively developed but are perfect for use and so even if they do not get any updates in the future, they will help you out forever.


Download the installation files and install them as any PC software.

Download Google Indic Input Tools [ Google Drive link - Install both files ]

Download Sarasvati Phonetic keyboard layout

Download Gadre Phonetic Marathi - Devanagari Keyboard Layout Driver

Note: All the screenshots and descriptions used here are about Google's Indic input tools and applies to all the software.

Once the installation is complete, the Windows language toolbar/input method selection is displayed in the notification area of the taskbar in Windows 10.

Switch To Marathi Input:

You can switch the Windows input language either by clicking the mouse or by keyboard shortcut ‘Windows key’ + ‘Spacebar’.
Marathi typing on Windows 10
Select the keyboard layout you want to use and open your document suite like MS Word. Google's Indic input tools work in Microsoft Word, Excel and all other office apps.

Some Google Indic input tools features you may not know:

Custom Dictionary / Macro:

You can save your custom dictionary words. There are many times, some words are very difficult to type using the Google Indic input tools.
custom dictionary for google indic input tools on windowsSuch difficult words can be saved using the Macro feature and retrieved whenever needed. Go to settings >> manage macros >> click on the 'Add' button.
Once you are done with your custom dictionary word, click on ‘save’.
You can add as many words as you want.

Enter character by mouse click:

If there is difficulty in entering some special Marathi characters or Google Indic input is misbehaving in converting the English to Marathi typing, you can use a mouse to enter correct words.
mouse input
Click on the keyboard icon on the Google Indic input icon. You can use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘K’ keyboard shortcut.

Install Marathi Fonts For Windows

Go to Settings in Windows 10 >> Apps >> Apps and features >> Manage option features >> Add feature >> select Marathi typing pack and click install.
This will install about 10 new Marathi fonts. If you want more Marathi cool fonts, please download from here.
install langugae pack fonts on Windows 10
If you want to install a Marathi keyboard for Google Chrome, get the extension here. It's still available and actively developed. You can install the extension from Chrome store or use the webpage to enter text and then copy paste it where you want.

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