07 March, 2010

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Free GPRS on AIRTEL live.

1. Download Opera Mini 4.2 Airtel  and .prov Files from HERE

2.      For s40 users:

Download the attached .prov file from here and send it to your mobile by any other mobile using Bluetooth.
Your mobile detects it as gprs setting save that setting and select it as default setting!!

For s60 users:
Create a new setting in your mobile
Access Point= airtelgprs.com
Proxy address=
= 80 (Remember its 80 not 8080)

Keep balance below 30p

3. Downloading

Procedure for s40

Run Opera Mini 5 you downloaded.
Select "OperaMini5b2 Airtel"
Now press left soft key for Options
Select "App. access"
Select "Add and edit" set it to "Ask every time"

Procedure for s60

First go to menu
Then select tools
Then select "Application manager" Or just "Manager"
Select "OperaMini5b2 Airtel-" in Application manager
Press left soft key for Options
now select "suite settings"
Select "Edit user data" set it to "Ask every time"
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