06 March, 2010

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Free Browsing on Reliance GSM GPRS using Opera mini Editable server.

Rs. 100 per month, its really affordable. But what if it cost you nothing. here is a great trick for browsing on your mobile for free and that also unlimited with Reliance GPRS and Opera mini.

Free Browsing (No Downloading) on Reliance GSM GPRS using Opera mini Editable server.
  • Download Opera mini 4.2 Editable Server from here. And install it in your mobile. Your mobile should support java.
  • Settings for GPRS in phone GPRS setting
    • Internet profile name: RelinaceMbWorld
    • Access point name (APN): rcomwap
    • proxy server:
    • Proxy port: 8080
    • Home page: http://wap.rworld.co.in
    • Other setting according to your phone standard settings. Make sure the APN should be same and small letters.

  • Settings for downloaded Opera mini 4.2 Editable server.
Reliance GPRS settings
Please enter these settings. Make sure it should be same as given and are case sensitive.
  • HTTP Server: http://server4.operamini.com:80?id=jCustromerWAPProv
    Free browsing Reliance
    • Socket Server: socket://server4.operamini.com:1080?id=jCustomerWAPProv
    • Front query: F
    • Middle query: M
    • Back/ Last query: ?id=jCustomerWAPProv/
    • ‘C’ and ‘WAPP’ in the server and back query are capital.
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