08 October, 2014

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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you trying out the latest Windows 10 technical preview? If not, you should try it. Its the best Windows ever built. You can download for free and its pretty stable. Before you download and install Windows 10 read this.

Here are some cool Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for you.

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Windows 10 Shortcuts
Windows 10 Shortcuts
Windows Key combinations, you should try..

Base key Combination Result`
Windows A Open action center
Windows C Launch Cortana Assistant in listening mode
Windows S Search with Cortana / launch Coratna
Windows I Open SETTINGS app
Windows D Minimize or Maximize the current window
Windows E Launch Windows file explorer
Windows F Open Windows feedback hub
Windows G Open the hidden GAME bar
Windows H Open dictation , text to speech service
Windows K Display to wireless devices and audio devices
Windows L Lock the desktop
Windows M Minimize everything. Show desktop
Windows P Project to external display
Windows Q Open Cortana
Windows R The traditional RUN command
Windows T Switch through the apps on taskbar
Windows U Go to Display directly in Settings app
Windows W Open Windows INK work space
Windows X Power menu

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  2. Amazing & time saver shortcuts. Thanks for the sharing.

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