27 September, 2014

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3 Free File Managers That Can Save Your Time Than Windows Explorer

One thing unchanged in a Windows OS is Windows Explorer and there are not many good alternatives. Windows Explorer is the default file manager for all Microsoft Windows OS versions. From Windows 95 to latest Windows 10, the feature set and interface have not changed much.
Though, the Windows Explorer cater the basic needs, it lacks many features and you feel the cons when you want to manage large number of files.

Moving files across drives, copying and sorting, multiple tabs and at least two panels are the basic requirements.
The Free and feature rich alternatives to the Windows Explorer given will make file managing easier.

Saladin is open source, free, dual pane interface file manager. Includes most of the basic feature with very little options to tweak.
saladin file dual panel file manager for windows
  • The most important feature of Saladin is 'Dual pane'. Dual pane comes handy when you want to move files across folders located on different drives and places. 
  • You can just drag and drop files and folders to move or copy. 
  • Integrated file viewer to view basic files like text and images and binary viewer for unknown file formats.
  • The default toolbar provides most of the features like copy, paste, view options, selection of files and inverting selection. 
  • 'Show size' shows the size of any folder you selected. 'Search' is for searching files and folders using wildcards if you do not remember the name exactly.
  • The compare feature allow you to compare files of two folders.
  • You can set default initial directories for both panels separately in settings.
Free Commander XE
If you want a more refined interface and more features, Free commander Xe will come handy. It is also a dual panel file manager, but what makes it different is, you can add more tabs to every panel, making it multi panel multi tabbed interface file manager.
free commander dual panel file manager for windows
  • Double clicking behind the close button on tab of any panel will open separate tabs where you can open one more folder.
  • The drive letters are displayed just above the tabs and you can easily switch between drives by clicking.
  • Built in archive handling.
  • Built in file viewer for text. 
  • Quick search and filter.
  • The buttons at the center of both panels provide access to features like swiping the panels, comparing the content of panels, moving and copying files across folders and more.
  • Free Commander XE also allows you to change the view options like small icons, large icons, thumbnails and other basic options.
  • The folder tree can also shown in separate panels.
  • The 'Plain View' is a typical view feature. It shows all the files and folders from the drive in on a plain folder without any tree nests.free commander file manager settings
  • You can split the panes vertically or horizontally, go full screen or remove one panel. There are many other features you can keep tweaking as per you like.
If you like the Chrome browser, you will like Clover as it is the most famous file manager with tabbed interface exactly copying the Chrome. You can use multiple folders in the same window with tabs.
  • Bookmarking the frequently accessed folder just like the browser bookmarks and saving them on the bookmark bar make it more like a Chrome browser.
  • Interface is clean and minimalist. This is perfect alternative for most of the users who don't like to open many windows for moving files.
Do you already using any other file manager as alternative to Windows Explorer? Or you never thought about it? 

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