13 October, 2012

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Retrieve Product Activation Serial Key Of Any Installed Software

When you purchase and install any new paid software, you have to enter a license key or a registration key or by another method is to activate the software online or via email. In all the cases you have to keep track of these registration or activation key. You can either write it down in a single file or another way is to keep the CD boxes and covers in a safe place so that when next time you want to reinstall the software, you get them easily.
But if you already have installed a software and forget the registration information, how you will get it back?  
The SterJo Key Finder will help you to recover the activation code or software product key by searching the Windows registry for required information. It automatically presents you the product ID or serial number of the installed software and required registration information like activation key or serial key.

  • You just have to run the SterJo Key Finder once and it will give information of all the paid softwares installed on your computer
  • You can then save that information in a text file or you can selectively copy and paste individual keys.
  • It currently support most of the famous paid software like Microsoft office, all versions of Windows OS, Microsoft games, other games like FIFA, Need for Speed, counter strike, call of duty, AutoCAD, various Adobe suites and many more. 
  • The SterJo Key Finder is very small (only 560 KB) , free and easy to use.
Download SterJo Key Finder
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  1. I really like this key finder. It even found my old Office 2003 key