11 October, 2012

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Send SMS To Any Mobile With Gmail

The internet is already flooded with websites to send free text message or SMS to mobile numbers. Atleast in India there are a huge number of websites and now GMail has got the same thing. You can now easily send SMS to any mobile number in India. Though I said India, Gmail already support most of the countries where you can send SMS to mobile numbers directly. For complete list of supported countries click here.
The only thing that separates out Gmail from other SMS websites is, when someone sends reply to the message sent via Gmail is directly delivered to your Gmail Inbox chat.


The sending of SMS is pretty simple and you can send 50 SMS to any number without getting a direct reply. The number of SMS you can send is controlled by the number of credits you have. Initially you will get 50 free credits meaning you can send 50 SMS. With every 1 SMS the credit will go down by 1 and when you get a reply from any number, the credit will increase by 5.

To start sending SMS from Gmail:
  •  Click on Chat icon at right bottom of your Gmail account.
  • If you already have a contract with the mobile number saved, you will get a mobile phone icon behind the contact name. You just have to click on the contact name you will get sent SMS pop-up.
  •  If you do not have mobile number added, you have to enter mobile number into the text box just above the contact list. Enter mobile number and press enter. 
  • You will get the save new mobile number to contact window. Enter name and select the country. Save the mobile number and you are now ready to send SMS to that number.
  • When you send messages to any new number, the receiver will get a notification SMS saying 
(Gmail) your emailid@gmail.com initiated to chat with you. You may reply to this message like a regular SMS or send HELP for more info.
  • Also every SMS is suffixed with your email id and send via any random number.
  • If you do not wish to get SMS from any Gmail user, you have to send a 'STOP' short code sms to a country specific number available here.
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  1. should have had this kind of things to send sms by email earlier.

  2. This does not work actually.
    It always says:

    Your message was not delivered. The mobile user is not accepting SMS messages.

    1. This may be dew the the fact that, the user you try to send message may have blocked the messages from Gmail.

    2. I don't get messages from gmail on my no. so my question is what i have to do to get messages from gmail? what is the procedure to open the blocked messages from gmail on my phone? please reply..
      Advace me thanks..

    3. Do you have your mobile number verified with Google Account. If you do not have verified your mobile number, go to your Google Account settings and add your mobile number and validate it by entering the code you recieve.