29 January, 2018

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How Spying On Android Phone Works

If you are interested in spying on another phone, what is the first solution that comes to your mind? It’s probably to contact a professional hacker and pay him lots of money for getting you the information you need.

Hackers all around the world use some common techniques to hack another phone such as:

Phishing through SMS
Sometimes, you receive text messages purporting from social network or email address host or even from your bank asking you to click on a specific link and enter some personal information. If you give away your phone number and that number is linked to your online bank account, email or even a social media account, a hacker can hijack your accounts and access photos and other information stored on your phone.

Using Phone Number
SS7 or Signaling System no. 7 is the communication protocol which handles mobile phone networks globally. If a hacker has knowledge of the vulnerabilities in this system, they can snoop on your text messages, calls and other data stored on the phone just by using your phone number.

Invading through unsecured Wi-Fi
We all are attracted to free Wi-Fi in public places like cafes and airports. That’s one reliable resource for hackers to get into your phone. If you are asked to enter your email when you are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi, then there is a possibility some malicious actors are involved here. If a hacker gets access to your email, he can easily get access to your contacts, your location, and other personal information.

Of course, these ways of spying on Android phone require you to be a hacker but if you are simply interested in keeping track on another phone because you are a concerned parent or you an employer not because you are a hacker, there is a way to do that. You simply need a cell phone monitoring app Android.

Using a monitoring app to spy on another phone is easier than you think and you don’t need to be an expert to use it. Before we begin explaining how it is done, here are some things that you need to know:

The prerequisites of Spying on Android Phone

#1 You must have physical access to the phone you want to spy. Why? Because you are supposed to download and install the cell phone monitoring app Android on that phone. It simply takes 2 to 3 minutes to install and activate the app. Best thing of all, you can make the app invisible if you don’t want the device owner to see it.

#2 For the app to successfully transfer data from the phone to its server, the phone must be connected to the internet.

#3 You are legally authorized to install the app and monitor someone if you own the device.

Do you want to spy on another phone?

For that, you will need a cell phone monitoring app. Xnspy can help you to spy on your friends Android phone.

1. To begin spying on Android phone, subscribe to Xnspy (paid) and install it on the target phone (the Android phone you want to monitor). Xnspy offers the traditional and advanced features that most of the spying apps are offering.

2. Log into XNSpy web account.

3. This will take you to the dashboard, which is an online interface that shows all the data stored on the phone whether it is text messages, phone calls, etc. in an organized way.

4. There will be a menu at the dashboard containing tabs like ‘Phone logs’, ‘Messenger’, ‘Installed Apps’ etc. As you click on any of these tabs, they will show you the respective information from the phone. For example, if you click on the ‘Phone Logs’ menu, you will be taken to a submenu. If you select ‘Calls’, it will show you the phone call history log of the target phone.

For successfully spying on the Android phone, you must wait for 24 to 48 hours before you log into your web account. That’s because the app has to transfer data from the phone to the server and then to your web account.

These cell phone monitoring apps are legal because the purpose of monitoring another person is always to be sure they are safe or they are performing the tasks assigned (in the case of employers). Instead of paying a large sum of money to hackers, you just have to pay a nominal monthly fee.

Why App?
Professional hackers don’t really use apps for spying or attacking another phone because it needs physical access to the target device. Furthermore, they don’t attack average users because they already have big people and businesses on their list. Plus, why hire a third person to keep tabs on someone when you can easily do that with a monitoring app?
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  1. I can bet there are many out there who are in search of such a solution to spy on others without breaking their bank.

  2. I agree spy apps are more discreet and invasive than any of the aforementioned ways to hack into someone’s phone.

  3. The only concern about using a spy app is its compatibility with the phone. If you have an iPhone then it will be even harder for you to find an app that can spy on it. But even for Android, an App must be compatible with the new operating system before you buy it.

  4. Intriguing. It’s no surprise that someone’s secretly reading this right now.

  5. People think that these apps are intrusive and hateful but I have used them on my kids and I know that they are life saviors. You can know things that your child will never tell you, like the bullying that’s been done to him at school, or the stress of the exams that’s leaving him with serious depression. Or the porn addiction that he got because you weren’t around watching on him.