19 July, 2013

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Disable Tabbed Inbox In Gmail

If you have recently got Gmail update of tabbed interface of Gmail Inbox, it is quite possible you may not like the new interface.
Google has updated the Inbox with tabs where the incoming mails are categorized into different groups like primary, social, promotional and whatever you want to add more tabs or groups. This may be a great way to organize incoming emails and focus on the most important mails. You can also move particular mail from one tab to another by just dragging it to another tab.
Out of all the tabs, 'Promotions' tab is actually the backdoor entry of Google advertises right into the Inbox. You can see this image and a long discussion on this HN page

But not everyone really needs and sometimes your real important mails may get out of the focus in the background tab.

Though the tabs are released and updated for everyone, there is a way to disable it easily. Just go to settings >> Inbox >> and deselect all other tabs than the primary and save settings and your Inbox is just a classic Inbox.


Same is the case with Gmail for Android applications. The tabs are added to the mobile version of Gmail also. You can disable them there also with the same steps.


DO you really liked the tabbed Gmail Inbox or you are going or disable it?

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