22 July, 2013

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App Override For Android Allow You To Control Annoying Application Settings

Tumblr is one of my favorite application on my Android mobile and I want to browse the blogs while sleeping on the bed but whenever I turn my mobile orientation, the screen orientation automatically changes to landscape even if the Android default screen rotations are not enabled.
I tried disabling the auto screen rotation form the Tumblr for Android application, but then there is no any such option and you have to live with this annoyance.

But not anymore. App Override is such an application that allows you to fully control such settings separately for every application.
The beauty of this application lies in the fact that, you can apply different settings for different application and the settings are not system wide.You can control

  • Font size
  • Orientation
  • Screen timeout
  • Sound mode and 
  • WiFi connectivity
If your Android device is rooted, then you can have access to more settings like input method, minimum and maximum CPU speed.
  • When you launch the App Override, it lists all the applications installed on your mobile / tablet. You just select the application you want to change the settings of. 
  • A settings customization pop up menu will allow you to change settings, that you want to override from default system wide settings. 
  • To apply these changes, you have to touch 'Off' button at top left. To stop all the settings for all applications, just hit the same button to 'Off'.
The interface is clean, easy to understand and works perfectly. You can set the App Override to start automatically at every boot of device by going to 'settings' tab of the application. It also allows to toggle the notifications.
Do you have any application that behaves out of your control and you want to control it using App Override? Your reply is welcome.

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