23 December, 2012

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How To Pin Any Website / Webpage To Desktop Or Taskbar

The windows task bar has a great feature of pinning anything like any application, task or shortcut. If you want to  pin a shortcut for any website, you have to do a long process or creating a shortcut and then copy and paste the address / URL of particular webpage.
But if you do not want to follow all this, you can do it with just one click.
Do this:
  • Open a website or any particular web page in any popular browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.pin-any-web-page-taskbar-desktop

  • Restore the window and then click on the favicon on that page in the URL bar and then drag and drop the favicon on your desktop.
  • It will create a shortcut for that web page. You can place that shortcut on taskbar also. You just have to drag and drop the favicon on taskbar.

  • pin-web-page-browser-right-click-context-menu
    • Same way, you can also pin any web page to the right-click context menu of your favorite browser. The web pages pined will remain specific to the particular browser. When you have opened the browser, you can right-click on the taskbar of the browser and pin any website

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