13 December, 2012

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Enable Mobile Alert For Google Account Password Change & Suspicious Login Attempt

If you have a Google Account, you must have enabled 2-step verification, and now you have one more option to stay ahead of hijackers, enable mobile text alerts for password change and suspicious log in attempts.

Now Google has added option to get a text notification on  your mobile if your account password is changed and if it detects any suspicious activity on your account.

Email notifications are enabled by default but you have to manually enable the mobile text notifications, even though you already have linked your mobile number with 2-step verification.
  • Just go to your Google Accounts and select security tab. You will find notification option, where email notification is already enabled, click on the mobile boxes. 


  • It will ask you for a mobile number if you have not already linked any mobile number and then enter a verification code you get on your mobile number to verify the owner of the number.
  • Once done, you are ready to get all security related alerts for your Google Account. 

So what are you waiting for, it is a must for everyone who have a Google Account.

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