24 November, 2012

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Display Your Photo On Giant Screen Of Times Square

Have you ever thought of showing your own photo on the giant screen in Times Square of New York city? But Google do, as always, Google thinks everything that no one else can. Google has given you an opportunity to display your won photo on the giant screen at Times square of New York city.

Anyone above 13 years + age can upload any type of photo. There is no any restriction about the type and theme of photo, off-course you cannot upload anything that is not good for public appearance.


Just head over to https://www.galleryforeveryone.com/ upload your any type of photo, add some words about it and you are done. Anytime, your photo could be on the giant screen.

Upload the image you are passionate about and write a great tag line also. It is important to write a good tagline so that your photo will be selected as early as possible.

If you have a brand, this could be a grand opportunity for you to publicize your brand for free to the world.

If  you are uploading photo or your family or your friends, please make sure that they are not having any objection about it.

To upload your photo:

  • Go to https://www.galleryforeveryone.com/
  • Click on 'upload image' button.
  • Click at the place 'Type a word or two' and enter a suitable line and you are done. 
  • To understand more about the program, you can read detailed FAQ here.
So what are you waiting for....
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