28 August, 2012

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Get Back Delete Confirmation Dialog In Windows 8

Windows 8 is more optimized towards tablets along with availability of fully functional desktop. A small but important change everyone noticed is one touch delete of any file. Every previous versions of Windows were used to confirm the delete action by 'Delete confirmation dialog'. 

But in case of Windows is, by default, when user press delete key, the file gets deleted without asking for the confirmation. It may be useful for some users but most of the traditional users does not like it.
Here is a simple two step way to re-enable delete confirmation message. 
  • Go to the desktop and right click on Recycle Bin icon.
A Recycle bin properties window will pop out. Tick the option, "display delete confirmation dialog"
  • Click apply and OK. 
Now try deleting any file. You are back with good old Windows feature of asking the user before deleting any file.
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