24 February, 2012

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Customize Windows Functionality To Extreme & As You Want

This is not a wallpaper and desktop widget customization, neither any theme or skin pack to change the look of windows, its a FUNCTION customization that will change the way you use Windows desktop OS.

customize windows
 Double click on desktop will create new folder, ‘windows key + C’ to start command prompt and use ‘ctrl + V’ to paste from clipboard. Change image formats from context menu or upload any file to FTP server with just one click. One click toggle between hidings and unhide files and folder. Edit the context menu as you want with literally any option and link. Run CMD with full file path from address bar, use ‘alt + c’ to copy file name to clip board, change functions of any Function keys like F7 to create new text file and F8 to create new folder. Press Print Screen will automatically take screenshot and open paste it in related software. 
whether it is customization of keyboard, hot-keys, mouse and windows behavior, windows management, context menu, managing default software's or anything else, you can do that easily.  

extra functions in context menu
The list of customization and the pre loaded great custom functionalists are endless and you just have to think to customize anything you want. Windows will work for you as and how you want. 

The project named 7Plus is a great and out of box innovative idea to change the way we use Windows operating system. 7Plus is free, open source and compatible with all versions of windows from XP to new Windows 7. The name itself is indicative to tell users that 7Plus is to add extra functionality to the latest Windows 7 and that's why 7 and plus functionality.

7plus is highly configurable. You can either use the prebuild function or can create and use your own features. The custom functionalists can be created with simple interface.

The software have single window management and all the pre build as well as user created customization is categorized under CMD, context menu, explorer, fast folder, task bar, windows handling, hot keys, file dialogs, and other. All this is well categorized and easy to manage everything. 

Accessor keyword’ is a innovative feature that works like a game hack where you have to type the keyword you define the function will be triggered automatically without any extra clicks or anything. 

For example if you want to search something on Google, you don't need to open browser visit Google and then type the keyword. Here you just have to press ‘ALT + Space’ to trigger the ‘Accessor’ and type the keyword you want and you will be presented with the all those thing you otherwise have to do.

Customize Windows As You Want with 7Plus
The other great feature of 7Plus is the hot key function. You can modify the keyboard as you want. Can assign any function to any key.

Who said the tabs can only be used in browsers. 7Plus give you freedom to use tabbed interface for windows file explorer. No need to change windows for file management. you can create as many tabs as you want in a single windows explorer window. Just you have to press ‘ctrl + T’ to create new tab. The tabs can be cycled from keyboard by pressing Alt + Tab keys.

The one click upload functionality will remove your hassle of uploading files to your cloud storage or any other FTP server. Once the FTP host is defined, then the UPLOAD shortcut will be added to right click context menu from where you can easily upload any file to the server with just one click without even opening browser.

The Windows option provides you to manage open windows and their position and behavior on task bar. 

Some important functions in windows are deep buried inside the settings option like "show and hide files" or  "show extension for known file types" which is too away if you want to know the extension of some media file. As all the media files opened with one media player shows the same icon you cant find the exact extension or the media format without knowing the extension and that function is deed buried in folder options and then advanced and then more....   With ‘Windows Settings’ option you can easily manage such option by one click.

Use 7Plus preloaded functionality before you get acquainted with the interface and the working of it. Once you are ready to work with 7Plus start creating your own custom function lists.

All the preloaded customization functionality can be edited and changed as per your flavors. just select the function and double click on it. You will be presented with customization window where you can change the conditions for Triggers, Actions, Shortcut keys, connected software, change the execution order and more. After you edited don't forget to click on apply.
The easy access icon in notification area of task bar allow user to easily exit from the 7Plus functions and disable hot keys.

Too much theory, just download the software and start customizing Windows as you want. Customize it for your productivity and easy access. Change the way you use Windows OS.
7Plus works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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