20 January, 2012

by Updated on 20 January, 2012

Create, Mount, Burn, Convert Any CD / DVD Image

Till now i was using Daemon Tools to mount iso image or a virtual disc or disc image like .ISO, .NRG or .CUE and 7Zip to extract these CD / DVD images to a folder. Also i need to have some extra tools if I want to convert these CD / DVD image formats from one format to another and again as separate software for burning ISO image to CD.

I used to copy or backup images of various CD like my Linux and Windows OS CD and i have to play them. If you want to use your CD you have to insert your CD in CD drive every-time you need it and also always carry those CD pouches with you. By using virtual CD drive you can easily get rid of this problem and run these CD / DVD images like .ISO, .NRG or .CUE from your hard disk.
ISO Toolkit is a simple utility that can be used as a CD image extractor, mounter, burner, image creator, player, reader and everything single handed from a tech blogger Vishal.

ISO ToolKit
  • It can create image of CD / DVD from source folder or a inserted CD in any format you want on your hard disk.
  • It can also burn the image file to CD and make it bootable.
  • It can convert the format of these images from one to any other.
  • Instead of using any special extraction tool to extract open files from the image file you can use this tool to extract files and folders.
  • The most important and basic feature is you can mount and run these CD images as a virtual CD and do all those tasks that you do by inserting actual CD to your CD drive.
  • You can download ISO Toolkit form HERE
  • It works with Windows all versions 
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