26 December, 2011

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Temporarily Lock Keyboard & Mouse To Avoid Kids Interference

Do you have a kid in your house? Whenever kids try to use your computer, they always try to get the keyboard and press any key randomly. The same is the case with the mouse. Anyone who doesn't want to accidentally delete important files by these little wonders should have this software installed. We know you also must have come across such a situation. You really want to give a chance to your toddlers but afraid of the damage.

Toddler Keys

Toddler Keys is a very simple lite (480 kb) utility that can do what it exactly made for. It can disable your Keyboard completely or partially. It disables the hotkeys like power off. it also can lock the CD drive button. What more it adds some entertainment to your child while playing by enabling to display the images from your hard drive and also play the music you select to play. it works in WINDOWS. Download Toddler Keys here


Kid-Key-Lock is also a free and lite program to do the same thing. It has an added functionality to lock mouse keys also. You can lock individual mouse key separately and keyboard also completely.

You can not lock the specific keyboard key but the keyboard locks option is provided to lock a group of keys like character keys, standard keys, and system keys. It is really a useful tool.

It runs minimized in the system tray silently and accessible all the time.
Download Kid-Key-Lock
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