27 March, 2016

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How To Search Through File Contents Using Windows 10 Search

Windows 10 have added many useful feature. The Cortana assistant and search feature is getting powerful and practically useful day by day. The Windows search is really fast and useful if you compare with the older versions of Windows like Windows 7.


You can use the Windows search feature to search the contents of the file instead of searching mere file properties and the file name. You just have to change little settings.

Here are simple steps..
  • Open start menu and type 'indexing options'. You don't need to have search box, just start typing. (Read 11 Must Know Windows 10 Tips)
  • Open the indexing options dialogue windows, click on 'Advanced' button.
  • Go to 'file types' tab and select the option 'Index properties and file contents'.
  • Give little time to Windows for refreshing the index. Now you are ready to search through file contents. 
Do you use the Cortana or the Windows search frequently? What is your experience? 
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