22 December, 2012

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How To Remove Credentials Of Windows 8 Apps

You tried many new apps on your newly installed Windows 8 operating system! Some of them you liked and others you didn't and so you uninstalled them, right? If this is the case, you should now follow one more step.

If you have used applications like MetroTweet or any other Twitter client, an third party email client, Kindle for Windows or any other third party application that you used to sign-in into any online service, the application or the service specific user ID and password is stored in the windows credential manager and even if you have uninstalled the WIndows 8 apps, the user ID and password are still there, though they are only visible if you have signed in using the same person who have installed the apps.
But it is always advised to delete the credentials of uninstalled apps and why you need to keep them, when you can delete them in few clicks.
  • Go to Control Panel in Windows 8 >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Alll Control Panel Items >> Credential Manager.
  • You will find the list of all installed application where you enter user information. 
  • All the passwords are there, now click on the 'Remove' link of the respective application that you have uninstalled or deleted or you can also remove the app that is you are still running.

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