26 August, 2012

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Smooth Shift To Windows 8 : Get Back The Classic Windows Features

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Now or then you will shift from your loved Windows 7 or even from Windows XP to the new overwhelmed Windows 8. Microsoft has changed a lot from the all other versions of Windows to this Window 8. From the Metro interface to the security, Microsoft account, cloud integration, tablet interface,  fast booting, hot corners, one touch and much more.

Its really great interface and works smoothly and easily as you start using it more and more AND if you have touchscreen on your device. But if you have traditional mouse based point and click desktop, the new interface and metro apps are of no use to you. Also, Windows 8 boot within few seconds with fast boot, but if you want to install more than one operating system, the fast boot feature is about a more problem than the use. Also, many people wasted much time to find power buttons like shutdown and restart when they used Windows 8 first time.
But don't worry, here are a few tools that will make your shift from any older version of Windows to Windows 8 silky smooth.

Skip Metro Suite
Do you want to boot directly to the Classic Desktop skipping Metro interface? If you do, you can easily. When you boot into WIndows 8, the Metro slider will be skipped and good old windows desktop will be presented to you.
skip metro suite
There are hot corners in windows 8. When you hover mouse pointer to any corner of your screen, a menu pop out. The top left corner works like an application switcher in Metro interface. If you want to switch between any application, you have to hover to left corner and then select the desired application. The good old ALT+TAB key combination is disabled. You can re-enable it with Skip Metro Suite.
You can also remove all other hot corners. Skip Metro also disable charms bar.

Turn Off Windows Activation notifications 

If you are using any other version of Windows 8 like developer release or consumer preview, and not the RTM, after some period,  windows start showing you a message about activating the copy of Windows which is annoying sometimes. You can easily disable that.
Go to Control Panel >> System and Security. Under Security, simply click the option ‘Turn off messages about Windows Activation’. 
Alternatively, you can open ‘Change Action Center settings’ from the left - side pane and uncheck the Windows activation option.
Add power button for easy shut down and restart
If you are a first time user of Windows 8, you will really wonder, where are power buttons to shut down your computers. Also there is no sleep and hibernate buttons. 'System Power Shortcuts' is a small utility that will make your task easy. It will add all those buttons where ever you want.
add system power buttons shortcuts

add system power buttons shortcuts
System power utilities also allow you to schedule the time to turn off automatically your Windows 8 computer. It adds shortcut buttons to sign-off, hibernate, restart, sleep and lock. 
Turn off Fast Boot & Get Old Boot Menu
Windows 8 really boots too faster than any other version of windows but while doing this it ignores the other operating systems and pre-loads some files before actually showing you the OS selection menu. The default sequence is pre-loading of windows 8 system files and then OS selection menu. If you select other OS than Windows 8, the PC restarts and then boot to another operating system. So if you want to install more than one operating system on your machine, this sequence is of no use. You can easily disable it.
Here is a way..
You can either change the boot menu and fast start or both.  Both things are different and you have to do separate steps. 

Turn Off Fast Start: 
  • Go to Control panel >> Hardware and Sounds >> Power Options >> System Settings ( Click to Choose what the power button does option)
And then click on 'change settings that are currently available' if the settings are grayed out.

And now Untick the option 'Turn on fast start-up' This will disable Fast start-up.

Activate Traditional Boot Menu
turn on traditional boot menu
Go to Metro interface and right click on blank area. It will open all applications. Find Command prompt. Right click on it and click on 'Run as administrator' button. Now command prompt window with administrator rights will open. Now enter these commands.
  • To enable traditional boot menu ::
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

  • To disable traditional boot menu and activate advanced interface
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

Now you can easily switch between these boot menu styles.

Turn Off smart screen
Smart screen is a way of determining the malicious programs and protecting users from installing such softwares. But this report each and every software you install on your computer to Microsoft servers creating privacy concerns. If you believe Microsoft, you can keep it on, but if you don't want to send data about every application to Microsoft servers, you have to turn off the smart screen.
turn off smart screen
Also if you do not have a working internet connection, this smart screen filter feature will not work. And you have to select 'Install anyway' option every time. 
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