18 August, 2012

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YahooMail To Generate Temporary Email Addresses

Email address is a primary requirement for your web presence but if you are using many web services its always better to have multiple email addresses for safety and privacy (Guide). One for private communication and other for various web services sign-ups.Use 

The other way for safety is using temporary email address for signing up new, unknown web services. There are many services like Trashmail for generating temporary email address, but then itself is a new signup process and you have to give your original email address to sign up for it.

Here is a simple way to use your Yahoo! Mail address to generate Temporary email address from within your current active email address. You can easily delete it after use. This is the best way to keep your inbox free from spam and its good practice to hide you original email address from unknown services.

Lets start:

Yahoo trash mail
Yahoo disposable mail
  1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account and click on mail options at the top left side.
  2. Click on Disposable addresses. This will bring a Base Name option. Here you have to enter a base name, which will always be a prefix to your all temporary mail addresses.  
  3. Enter any Base Name that you want and click on continue. Take note that this base name will always be at start of all your ids.
  4. Now you have set the base name. Now you have to enter any suffix keyword and click on continue that will complete your email address.
  5. Set the option for where you want to get these email, whether to your primary inbox or to any other folder and  then click on add.
  6. You are now ready to use your temporary email address.
                   Example::  basename-xtrakeyword@yahoo.com

  • Note that there is a ‘-‘ between base name and keyword.
Isn’t that so simple?

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