15 July, 2012

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Twitter App For Nokia S40 Feature Phones Download

Nokia is not so popular in making mobile applications and its S40 feature phones lack dedicated applications for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Though the Nokia Asha series phones come with a pre-installed application called 'social hub', it's actually more of a problem than the convenience. The 'social hub' application is too slow basic and most of the time it fails to connect to the network and ask to check the network settings. No one really uses it.

But this time the scenario is different. Yesterday Nokia officially launched a 'Twitter for Nokia S40 phones' application that is specially designed for most of the Nokia feature phones running Symbian S40 operating system. The application provides most of the required functions for Twitter users and focus is to consume less memory and faster start-up, easy navigation and better user experience.

Twitter for Nokia S40 feature phone
This application has the ability to one-touch shift from timeline to mention and searches, trends and easy new tweet pop-up which was a bad experience on the mobile website.

Twitter for java phone
The timeline is as good as possible. Dragging down the timeline stream will update it with new tweets. 
retweet options
You can select any tweet and the options like retweet, reply and favorite will come up. 
Mention tab is also a better way to find out mentions. It has the extra ability to search mentions of anyone and find new peoples. 
Trends tab shows the latest trending on twitter. You can browse the trending topics by category and region. Clicking on any trending word will show the real-time results. 
Twitter profile
Profile tab shows you your followers and followings count. Clicking on the count will show up details of profiles of followers and following. You can directly follow or unfollow anyone. It's really made easy with this app

You can also edit your profile. The application saves the searches and has access to the lists which is really a good thing. Twitter for Nokia S40 also has the option to view your favorite tweets and direct messages.  

The application does not have the option to sign in to multiple twitter account which is not expected though.

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  2. Hm,.. Landing page, why? Cant download app this??

    1. Hi Awadh, Its very old post and the page referred above is not working, I think.
      I will surely try to find any other source.

    2. http://ovi.sigma.apps.bemobi.com/en_in/twitter.html?pos=1
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