About TopTrix

TopTrix is One-Man-Show.

There is no team, office or anything like that. My PC, Lappy, a mobile and my Kindle.
You may also have a blog just like me. I am not a professional though I pretended many times to be like that.

I blog when I come across some problem or feel like creating a useful self-help article.

Now, pretending to be a professional...

Hi, My name is Pravin Vibhute and I first posted an article on blogger out of curiosity and opening that web portal on mobile in 2008. Never thought about buying any custom domain or anything like that. But then its 10 years now.

TopTrix is a blog where you will find useful tips, tricks, how to guides, must have the list of applications, web browsing ideas about Windows and Android OS, eBooks, image editing, PDF, Firefox and Chrome extensions and much more for your daily computing needs.

Aimed at making life easy with simplified ideas that everyone can use without geeky computing knowledge.
All the software, services, apps and tools discussed at TopTrix are FREEWARE which you can download from respective project sites for free.

Feel free to contact me or follow me on Twitter or Google Plus.