11 August, 2020

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Combine Multiple PDF Pages Into One Page With PDF Page Merger

Do you want to print multiple pages of a PDF file on one single page? The Adobe PDF reader have this facility to print multiple pages on single sheet. But If you want to combine multiple pages into one page and create a PDF file out of it, a tiny free tool will help you.

Note that this is different from PDF merging softwares. Instead of combining or splitting PDF files, this make a single page out of 2 or 4 pages.PDF Page Merger helps you to merge 2 or 4 pages in to one single page and same thing for all the pages of the PDF file. This will make your 20-page PDF in to 5-page file only.

Please note that we have already covered the most useful and completely free PDF Editors in the article 3 Completely Free PDF Editors.

PDF Page Merger

The PDF Page Merger also allow you to crop margins from the PDF. All in all this is useful if you want to print ill formatted PDF files in large.

There is a neat and complete tutorial about how to use it, though the software itself is very easy to use.
The PRO version is completely free for some time and you can grab your free copy from the homepage.

Download the PDF Page Merger here.
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