03 January, 2013

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Google Translate For Google+ Allow You To Translate Individual Updates

More you use Google Plus, more peoples come into your circle. There may be a situation that you have someone in your circle who talks language that you don't understand. Also if you have joined a google plus community, you may come across foreing language updates. When you get into such a situation, what you do?

If you try to use a translation service like Google Translation or Bing translation, you either have to translate a whole page, that will not work in this situation, and you try to copy and paste the single post, it is a tedious task to do it every time you come across different language.

Here the Google Translate For Google+ extension for Google Chrome will come to your help. It will make your Google Plus experience unlimited. You don't have to bother to follow the peoples who talk a different language than English or anything that you do not understand.



  • Google Translate For Google+ allow you to translate to the foreign language status updates with one click. You can either translate the original post only or post as well as comments. 
  • The translate link is embedded next to every post and every comment. You can translate the individual comment as you want. 
  • You can set the preferred language and you are done. 
  • You can easily toggle between original and translated text.
  • Unfortunately this extension is available in Chrome only and not for Firefox and Opera.
  • Now you can circle anyone without bothering about the language they use to communicate. Anyhow, language should not be a barrier in relation.

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