21 July, 2018

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How To Save Google Maps As Image

Have you ever tried to save Google maps? No, I am not speaking about the offline viewing of the map, my intention is to save the part of Google maps as an image. Google maps allow users to save the maps for offline viewing so that you can view the maps without internet connection but there is no any way to capture the image of Google maps, though you can always have an option to take a screenshot.
But Google Map Saver has more than just image capture of Google Maps. You can use it as a stand-alone map viewer.

Google Map saver allows you to easily set different resolution and type of output images like JPEG and PNG. It also allows you to zoom the maps and change the map mode to satellite, hybrid and terrain. If you have coordinates of any particular place, you can directly go to that place by directly entering the coordinates.
Instead of using Google Map Capture as an image capture tool, you can use it as a standalone and lightweight Google Map browser without the need of the popular browser.

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