20 October, 2012

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Cloud Storage Management : Super Comprehensive Guide

We have unknowingly shifted to cloud services and now we have OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Sugar Sync, Amazon Drive and many other.

All these cloud storage services offer more or less the same features and storage plans. Here are the many ways so that managing multiple cloud storage accounts very easy and more productive.

Let's take a look at different cloud storage options we have (Most Popular)

Service  Dropbox OneDrive Google Drive Box Sugar Sync
Space For Free Users (GB) 2 7 15 5 5
Desktop Sync Client (Windows) Available Available Available Available Available
Sync Client for Linux Available Available Available Available NO
Sync Client for Android Available Available Available Available Available
Sync Client for iOS Available Available Available Available Available
Directly Share to Social Services Facebook Facebook, Twitter Google Plus Not Available Not Available
Maximum Single File Size 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB 100 MB 2 GB
Type Of File Formats All via Desktop Client All via Desktop Client All via Desktop Client All via Desktop Client All via Desktop Client
File Versioning Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inbuilt Office File Editing NA Microsoft Office Google Docs Google Docs NA
Recycle Bin / Deleted Files Folder Available Available Available Available Available
Automation Like IFTTT Available NO Available Available No
Extra specials Shared Folders for team projects Access local hard disk files to another computer Integration with Google services Enterprise level security NA
Security Two-step verification NA Two-step verification NA NA

Every service has its own pros and cons. Which one will you use? I suggest you use all and take advantage of all the special things it has. But don't worry about managing multiple cloud services. Here are the most comprehensive tools, services, and tips to manage your cloud at one place and automate the repetitive boring tasks to save time.

Managing Multiple Cloud At One Place

But if you are not happy with 2GB bandwidth limit, you can go for CarotDAV. It's a little (just 2 MB) software you can install on any Windows PC which handles every cloud service available as well as an FTP server and LAN files. You get an exact windows explorer interface and you will feel, you are using files from local hard disk. Its excellent to view, share, upload and download files saved across all cloud storage services but the only limitation of CarotDAV is, it can not transfer files from one cloud to other without downloading.

But don't worry, there are especially dedicated services that make a complete shift of any size of files and folders from any cloud to any other with just a few clicks and that also without downloading a single byte to local storage. Download CarotDAV

Download / Save web files directly to Dropbox

Same as like attachments, you can send a file directly to your Dropbox account with 'Send To Dropbox' service.

Transfer Files From One Cloud Storage To Other Service

MultCloud is one such service that is free for basic users. There are many other services, but they are either paid or have a very limited quota for basic users.


When you think of automation of the internet, avoid repetitive boring tasks and make the whole internet work for you, only one service comes to mind is IFTTT. You must be using this service. If not yet, start immediately. Just think of automating any task, you can do it over IFTTT.

What you can do with IFTTT? You can save YouTube favorite video to Dropbox, save feeds to Dropbox, download photos from social networks to clouds, transfer files across clouds, save article favorites on Google reader to any cloud and more and more and more. It's unlimited. You just think and you can do that. Read this post about IFTTT.

Do you think, Managing cloud storage services are an easy task? Please reply.
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  2. this is owsome information its may help me in future

    Storage Management

  3. this is owsome information its may help me in future

    Storage Management