14 January, 2018

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How To Block Ads On Android Mobile

Extensions like AdBlock Plus, Ad block, uBlock for desktop browsers make life easier and save you from obstructive heavy bombarding with online ads. Though ads are the most important source of income for content creators, to some extent its get enough and you use the ad blocking extensions.

But when it comes to blocking annoying ads on Android mobile, it gets little difficult. There are some tricks to do it on rooted android mobiles. But on most of the nonrooted android devices, you have very little choice.

There are few good android apps available on Google Play store.

Free Adblocker browser - Adblock and popup blocker :

It is a Google Chrome browser in the background with a layer of ad blocking extension. The basic version is free and blocks most of the ads you see on web pages. The only problem with this app is, you can not use any other browser. Meaning the ad blocking feature is not available on other browsers you have installed on your android device. Also, it does not work for any other apps that display a full screen annoying advertise.
The advanced features like reader mode, material design color, remove all ads including 'good ads' and playing audio and videos in the background, costs you money. That is Rs 60/month exactly.

The video playback in background tabs is a good feature though. I don't know why the material design, reader mode, and same color notification bar is in the premium feature. All those features are natively supported on Chrome.

Adguard Content Blocker
It is also an app that only blocks ads only if you use the browser that is asked dot use. The browsers currently supported are Yandex browser and Samsung internet browser. You can not use this blocking feature with another browser. Only the two browsers should be used. It also works fine as far as you don't have any concern about using the supported browsers.

Blocking ads everywhere, not only in the browser...

The bad thing about both of the above-mentioned apps, is they do not solve the most annoying problem about android ads. The pop up full-screen ads inserted on many applications you install from Google Play Store.


(Disclaimer: I am not promoting it and not affiliated with them. It is really a good app. It's from the same source as of Adguard content blocker. But not available in play store because of Google terms.)
If you want to completely get rid off all the ads, maybe those on the browser, web pages and all the apps that display popup full-screen ads, AdGuard is a good and free way to go. It filters all your traffic through a VPN.

The app is not available in Google Play store and you have to manually download the APK and install it on their website. You can check it against the security problems if you have any concert over non-Google play store apps.
  • It completely blocks all type of advertisers. 
  • works irrespective of the browser you use. You are free to use any of your favorite browsers. 
  • works with all the apps and blocks mostly every ad.
What do you use to get rid of the annoying android ads? Of you just ignore them? Or you have a better trick? 
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