18 October, 2012

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Convert & Save Web Pages to EPub & Mobi eBooks With One Click

Do you want to save web pages you browse to ebooks? If you do want, you can convert any web page to popular ebook format like EPub and Mobi. EPub is an open standard for ebooks and Mobi is a default format used by the Kindle ebook reader. To make your conversion easier, dotEPUB is a simple bookmarklet that pulls content from web pages and offers you a downloadable Epub e-book, which you can read on your e-reader and on your computer.
You may not like to read long web articles on the computer screen but reading those articles on an ebook reader is a pleasure. Epub files can be read on most e-readers, including your Android and iOS devices, so you know you will be able to read this file on pretty much any device. dotEPUB is simple to use, and useful for anyone who regularly reads long articles.

Installing dotEPUB

To get started, go to dotEPUB. To install, all you need to do is drag the logo to your bookmarks toolbar.
But before you drag the bookmarklet, please choose the ebook file type format and the Immersive mode which removes links and images from the book. The option is given at the right sidebar. Choose the one you want and then drag and drop the bookmarklet.
Note that dotEPUB does not work with Internet Explorer, so you might need to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox to use dotEPUB. If your browser does not support installation. Check out the manual installation instructions instead. If you a Chrome or Firefox user? You can install the official dotEPUB extension instead of using the bookmarklet, if you prefer. 

Converting articles to Epubs
So, you’ve found a long article and you want to convert it? First, check to see if the article is split into multiple pages. If so, use the site’s “print” function to see the entire article on one page.
After that all you need to do is click your new bookmarklet. You will quickly be offered a download:
You now have an Epub file, which you can read offline with "Calibre" or any other desktop e-reading software that supports Epub files.

Google Reader

You can easily pull down all of your Google Reader articles as an ebook. Just open your reading list, or whatever collection of articles you want to read, and click the bookmarklet. You now have an Epub of your Google Reader feeds!
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