02 December, 2011

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Split, Merge, Copy and Encrypt PDF

Jeves PDF Utility is a portable, free and yet simple, Java-based application that can fulfill all your editing requirements of any PDF file. It can copy the PDF document to another one, merges multiple PDF files together, adds text watermark and encrypts PDF documents with a password. You can copy a PDF document as a whole or only a few pages of the specified PDF file. Apart from password protecting the document, you can choose which access permissions to allow for recipients.
The application interface is too simple with only 4 tabs, with itself a function like Copy, Combine, Watermark, and Encryption. To copy pages, specify the page ranges separated by hyphens “-“ and the page number separated by commas.
If you want to copy the whole document, simply leave the Copy Pages field blank. Once done, click Copy and specify a name for a new PDF file.

From Combine, you can combine two or more than two PDF documents into a single document. Click Add to add the documents and use the up and down arrow buttons to sort them in the required order. Now click Combine and name the new file.
Edit PDF

The Encryption tab is the option to encrypt the PDF files. First, enter the User Password which you want to share with recipients. If you don’t want the recipients to copy or print the document, uncheck Allow Copy and Allow Print options. There are six Permissions to choose from. Check those permissions which you want to permit the user. Before clicking Encrypt, enter the owner password for gaining full access to PDF document. This Owner password allows you to bypass all the restrictions imposed on the document.

Download Jeves PDF Utility
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