06 November, 2016

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How To Enable New Status Tab In WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced separate 'Status' tab, the Instagram like 'Stories' feature. Actually, stories is Facebook copy of stolen feature from Snapchat.

The Status tab in WhatsApp is still in beta and hidden feature and you need a Rooted Android phone to activate this tab.

Here is simple way:
1. You need a 'beta' version of the WhatsApp. You can opt-in to beta tester in Google Play store. You can join the beta program from this link.
2. You need a 2.16.338 version.
3. Download the WhatsApp tweaker app Whtweak from this link
4. Once you download the both, beta version of WhatsApp and Whtweak, install both.
5. Open WA Tweaks and enable 'Enable New Home UI'.
6. You need to stop and restart WhatsApp. Or simply restart your mobile.
7. You can select, who can see your status.
8. You Can add a video or a photo as your status. Friends can see your status as a time looping video or image.

What 0ther feature, you think, WhatsApp will introduce?

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