18 November, 2014

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Facebook Groups Have Standalone App & Website

If you are member or owner of any Facebook Group, here is a good news for you. Facebook has launched standalone application and a website for Facebook groups. Now you can manage your owned group with just one tap.

All the Facebook Groups are available as it is on the application and you don't have to worry about any thing like members, admins or anything else

  • If you are member of many groups, you can share content to multiple groups and get notification for all group related activities in the application
  • Users will also get suggestion based on the other group topic and interests.
  • Using the application for Groups is not compulsory. All the features of Groups will be remain available on Facebook standard application and website.
  • Just how, Facebook separated the Chat application, same way, it is trying to make the Groups separate.
  • Rumors are that, Facebook working on 'Facebook for Work' also.
  • All the groups are now accessible at just one tap. Take your Groups out of Facebook clutter.
  • The application is available for Android and iOS.
  • When I tried to download the Android application, I got the error.
Can you download it?
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