01 October, 2013

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How To Download Constitution Of Any Country

Are you interested about constitution of your country? Or any other country in the world? If you do, you can download the complete constitution of any country in the world, (currently listed 177 countries) in PDF format for free.
If you are researching about a particular topic and you want to compare the same topic in different countries, you can do that also with comparative search for consultations.


Google has started to support the comparative constitution project where you can compare the constitution of different countries for the topic of your interest and download the complete copy of the constitution of any country for free.
Most of the constitutions are updated and the last update year is written in the bracket. You can filter the list by country, date of an update or search for any particular keyword.


The main purpose of this website is to help writers, governments and researchers but then you also must know what the constitution of your country says.

You can download a copy for you of your country from https://www.constituteproject.org
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