17 October, 2013

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Customize Google App Launcher In Google Chrome

Google is intentionally trying to push its Chromium OS features to Windows users. First it launched the Chromium OS based App Launcher for Windows task bar and now it's available on every Google service. The dark black bar is replaced with this App Launcher. Google has put the most used services to top and if you use any other Google service, you have to click 'More' link and few more services with card based UI are displayed. If you didn't find what you want, you have to click 'even more'.

Though the interface has scrolling feature and most of the frequently used services on top, there is no way to customize the sequence of the services as you want. Google may add this feature later but till then 'App launcher customizer' extension for Google Chrome will help you to customize the App Launcher.

Unfortunately, the extension is not available for other popular browsers like Firefox and Opera.
The 'App launcher customizer' is free and once installed, the customization is extremely simple. Just drag and drop the services in the sequence you want them to display in the app launcher.


All the services are listed in the left pane and you can drag them to the right pane to add.
You can add your own favorite website URL to the same launcher if you want with the one 'custom button'.

Try 'App Launcher Customizer for Google' from Chrome Web Store from here.
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