28 July, 2013

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Wikipedia Zero Now Available In India - Unlimited Free Wikipedia Access On Mobile

Wikipedia started a Wikipedia Zero project with the aim to provide free access to knowledge for everyone in the world and that even without a data connection. It was primarily aimed at undeveloped countries and developing countries where data connection costs were the main barrier for internet penetration.

Now the same Wikipedia Zero has been made available in India with partnership with Aircel. Every Aircel user will be able to access  m.wikipedia.org completely for free without any data limit. The users with slow data speed can access  zero.wikipedia.org which is a text-only version of the mobile site, optimized for slower connections.

As India is a multi lingual country, the same service will be available in 19 different regional Indian languages. The free service will be available as of July 25, 2013.

Though India has around 70% mobile penetration, the data connectivity is very limited. The Wikipedia Zero will be really very useful to students as well as everyone who want the information, news, research articles on the go.
Bellow is the screenshot of official announcement Q&A about the service.


If you have Aircel SIM, you can try it now. We should hope every other cellular operator should make the service available to its user. It is helpful for the peoples of India.

Though the service currently needs at least a mobile with a WAP browser, you may access the same service via SMS or USSD in future.

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