22 July, 2013

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GGReader For Chrome Turns Feedly Into Google Reader

If you still miss the dead Google Reader and Feedly is the your current RSS reader client, you can make over the Feedly to resemble exactly as Google Reader. The GGReader Chrome extension changes the Feedly interface into all same Google Reader.


Clean white interface and red colored unread count. Though the functionality remains same as of Feedly, you can have some Google Readers feel.

The GGReader extension can be downloaded from Chrome web store.
  • As Feedly has shifted from the Chrome extension to the fully functional cloud, you do not need to install any Feedly extension.
  • But if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you have to wait some time more as the developer website claims but it for sure.
  • If you do not like the change, you can easily get back the original Feedly interface by removing the GGReader extension of Google Chrome.

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