02 March, 2013

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Remove Bad Browser Addons With Avast Browser Cleanup Tool

Avast free antivirus is really a great and reliable security suite and I am personally using it for last 7 years along with Comodo free firewall and some other tools and I never got any problem. I try too many new softwares, browser extensions and add-ons.

 Many times the softwares, which claim to be completely free, try to install a browser extension, toolbar, add-on, change your homepage or install some third party plugin to the browser. As far as it asks for installation and you know what is going to happen, it is fine, but most of the time, they try to install silently without users' permission and they are really harmful for your privacy and security.

  • Avast Brwoser Cleanup tool is a free utility from Avast and it works as expected. It does not require installation and you can run it even from USB drive.
  • Just download and run it. Avast browser cleanup tool scans for installation of all popular browsers and list the possibly harmful add-ons installed in the browser.
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  1. I used the avast browser cleanup and it changed my home search page from google to bing. I thought that kind of odd.