02 March, 2013

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Don't Download, Record Any Online Video

There are thousands of free softwares to download YouTube and other streaming videos. All the streaming video downloading software directly download and save the streaming video to local hard drive and it really require some tweaking, but there is another way to get your favorite videos saved to your storage device. Instead of trying to download, you can record the streaming video while it is playing. Similarly you can use it to record the computer activity by using it as a screen recorder, capture the screenshot and more.
oCam (Screen Recorder and Capture)
oCam is a simple yet powerful application . It provides a resizable rectangle that can be moved anywhere. Just set it to the recording area on screen and hit 'Record' button and you are done. You can either record online videos or computer screen to create a video tutorial or anything like that. The basic thing is, it records your screen, whatever is going on.

  • Occam allows to change video and audio quality, FPS rate.
  • You can insert external 'Audio' from microphone or any audio file into the video.
  • You can set HotKeys for record, capture and target.
  • Set permanent output folder and set a time limit for length of video to be recorded.
  • Can be used to take cropped or full sized screen shots.
  • Free and easy to use, light on system resources.

Any Video Recorder

It is also a free application to record screen activity. It can be used to record online streaming videos to save.   The only difference is, it does not have screen shot feature. You can also record audio.
How you download streaming videos? Do you use a downloading software, a Java Script or anything else? Please comment.
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