07 March, 2013

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Pinterest Makeover

Today, when I logged in to my Pinterest account, it offered me to try the new, fresh and super clean Pinterest   look. And as expected, the new makeover of Pinterest is really superb.


  • The links from the menu bar on the homepage, like following, categories, everything, popular and gifts are removed and the only 'Categories' link is converted in to a button and placed at top left corner.
  • When you hover mouse over the left profile image, it displays the menu containing big enough, touch friendly 'boards' and 'pins' buttons along with few other options like settings and sign out. 
  • The 'add' and 'about' links are removed and added under the profile button.
  • There is no great change in the under a particular board but he interface for specific pin is completely changed. 
  • The 'Repin' button is gone and now have the 'Pin' button. 
  • The large 'Share' button will have all the sharing options instead of many scattered buttons on the right side of the pin. That place is now filled with the other similar pins from the board. Pinterest has tried to keep the user engaged with clean and easy to find menus and features. 
  • Now the reporting of bad pins is very easy and the reasons are displayed on the same list and you can easily report any spam or violence type content.
Have you tried the new Pinterest look and did you like it?

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  1. Pinterest is the best website ever I seen in the social bookmarking websites. Easy to use after creating just an account there and then creating a board. However the problem with it is that it does not accept any post where no image is uploaded.