09 January, 2013

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Bento Is Best News & Feed Reader Application For Windows 8

If you want a good news and RSS feed reader application for Windows 8, Bento News is your first and best option. It is free and you can add any source as your news. You can sync your Google Reader subscription with Bento News and it will automatically sync all the subscription list with Google Reader and update itself at every launch. Now if you say, Windows 8 do not have good number of applications, it is getting really good numbers with best quality.


Bento News has a super fluid interface with easy to use options. Every aspect is completely optimized for touch interface, though you can easily use it with mouse also. When you install Bento News first time, Winodws 8 will ask you for permission, whether to allow background updates and notification or not.

  • There are many popular news subscriptions already added and you can easily select which you want to appere in main / content display. 
  • If you want to add any one of the given list, just select the plus button and that source will be added to main display. 
  • The news sources are categorized like News, Business, Tech, Entertainment, sports and photos.


  • The Google Reader subscription list can be easily imported to Bento News, but for that, you have to give your Google credentials. 
  • There is no any way to import the subscription list URLs via a OPML file, which is a Google reader export format, in case someone do not want to allow any application to be connected to Google account.
  • You can directly pin any news source to the start screen, just enter in to the particular new source and go to the options and select 'Pin to Start'. 'Mark all as read' option is also there, just like Google Reader.
  •  One more small improvement in the interface is, the forward and back both touch buttons are added to right side, so that if you are reading on a tablet, you don't have to use another had for scrolling and you can use the Bento News application single handed.

  • When you are reading any particular news article, you can easily access thumbnail list of all news articles from that news source and scroll to directly jump to anyone one of them by skipping the non interested articles.
  • Same way you can also view the article without images, just like you have option of Readability in browsers, the Readability option is also available in Bento News. This option is called 'Clean view'.
  •  'View original article' option will allow you to see the original article on the news website, side by side. There you can also read the reader comments available on the original website, so you don't have to switch to the main browser. 
  • Still then if you want to open article in main browser, you can use the option 'Open in browser'.
  • You can download Bento News from Windows 8 Market from this link.
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