19 December, 2012

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YoutTube Got Built In Slideshow Maker

YouTube has a new built-in slideshow maker. Now you don't have to convert a slideshow into a video file to upload it to YouTube. You can just upload your images/photos and the built-in slideshow maker will convert your photos into a video that will play as a normal video and that also with background music, subtitles, transition effects and much more.

The hassle of making the video from photos/images by converting it to a video with video conversion software then choosing a background music track and all such editing can now be done into the video upload dashboard of YouTube. Up till now, you have used third-party video editing software to do that.
YouTube has silently updated the video upload dashboard and has added the new feature called 'Photo Slideshow'. If you have a YouTube channel or a Google account, you can easily upload photos and then create your own slideshow. Just head over to the upload section of your YouTube dashboard and you will easily find the option.
  • Click on 'Photo Slideshow' option to upload images/photos.
  • You can either add photos/images from your existing albums stored at your Picassa web album or your Google plus profile album or any other place on your Google Account like Google Drive.
  • Same way you can also upload photos from your local hard disk. 
  • The 'Drag and Drop' feature to upload photos works great and you can upload images with just drag and drop. 
  • You can upload any number of photos and you can select multiple photos to upload at a time to save your time.

  • Once you have added your photos, that makes your slideshow, you are ready to create a video out of the photos. The setup is extremely easy and everything works as it should.edit-youtube-slideshow-settings
  • You can rearrange the sequence of a photo if you have not uploaded them in the order they should appear in the slideshow.
  • Set the time the individual slide should be displayed for in the particular slideshow.
  • Then add the slide effect and transition effect. The transition effects have many choices like diamond, checkerboard, circle, slide, star, vertical blind and more. You can either set the different effect of every slide or a single transition effect for all slides.
  • Background music track for your video cum slideshow is an exiting feature and YouTube has a large collection to choose from. The tracks are categorized into Top Tracks, Country & Folks, Electronic, Instrumental, Pop, and Rock. There are more than 150,000 tracks. Choose the track that suite your slideshow.
  • You can directly search from the search box for your background music track. The length of every track is displayed next to the name of the track so that that will match the actual length of the video.
  • You can preview the video before you finalize. Once done, hit the Upload button to publish your slideshow on YouTube.
  • After the upload is complete, you can give a good title to the slideshow/video and add a good description so that users can easily find your video. You can categorize your video with the help of different tags.
  • I have another angle to use this feature, you can now use this feature to create a video form your photos as an online slideshow creation software. If you have a private collection, you can set the privacy so that restricted members can view the video.

So what are you waiting for? Start uploading.
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